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Lynn Gerner, D.C.
Introduction to Cranial work

Dr. Lynn explains the basics of specific cranial adjusting for a breastfeeding infant. This is a great tool to share with your practice members.

BONUS- Pregnancy Care Video too!

Katies podcast
Conversation with an Expert

Podcase episode with Katie Oshita, RN, BSN, IBCLC discussing the importance of Chiropractic and cranial adjusting for best feeding outcome.

Adia & Jasmine, Golden Journey Empowerment
Making a Difference

Interview with local lactation consultants addressing the discrepancy of birth and breastfeeding outcomes for people of color. Adia and Jasmine founded "Golden Journey Empowerment", a non-profit support group helping black parents to breastfeed successfully.

This Work Is Challenging

Pediatric and Lactation based practice is challenging and can be hard to manage- emotionally and logistically. Find some understanding and advice here.

Real Life in Pediatric Practice
Real Life Practice Tools

This is a whole section about care plans, financial plans and real life office strategies that we simply couldn't fit into the main course!

Open book research

Just a snippet of some research articles included in The Anatomy of Breastfeeding to help validate the work you do.


Because a huge reason for creating this coursework is to help YOU, the doctor, to have a step up in practice.

Owning any independent business can be challenging.

Not only is Breastfeeding support needed on the planet, but it can also be a wonderful way to grow a prosperous practice. Having such a refined specialty is a great way to draw attention to your services and to receive referrals from other medical professionals. 

As more chiropractors and body workers become highly knowledgeable and skilled in very specific infant cranial work, then the medical community as a whole can recommend our care confidently.

That means that more babies can receive care.

That means that more children will be breastfed for longer.

That means that more children will grown up healthier, physically and emotionally, with less long term nuerological impairments.

Does that sound worth the work to teach and study and practice?

We think so.  

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