Bonus Material: Lactogenesis and Breastfeeding Basics

This section is NEW updated material with even more information from the background of the Lactation Consultant. This will allow you, the practitioner, to better help your patients who are struggling to breastfeed. You will also have more common language to help you to collaborate with other birth and lactation professionals so you can be a part of the ideal integrative care team.

Breast Biology 101

Learn about the anatomy of the breast and shared language of structures.


Learn about the normal stages of milk production, ways to stimulate more production, and facts to set your patient's mind at ease about feeding their baby.

Breastfeeding skills

Learn about better nursing positions to optimize baby's innate reflexes.

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*The section is included in our course- The Anatomy of Breastfeeding- NEW UPDATED for Chiropractors and Bodyworkers.