Sadly, while many other professions require extensive social sensitivity training (including healthcare in general), we Chiropractors are not required to take even 1 unit. We would like this to change; especially in light of the current political and social unrest in our world. It occurred to us that, while we have your attention in the Breastfeeding seminar, that you need to earn a few credits for Ethics as well.

This course focuses on the disparity of birth and breastfeeding in the black community, but has been thoughtfully designed to help us look at all forms of disparity - race, gender/identity, etc...

Our goal is simply to open a dialogue, to create more awareness and inclusivity, and to provide resources for further training and support. If this is not for you, then move on. The course is optional. We hope that by providing the opportunity, that we are making a small step towards more understanding in the world.

Thank you for being here.

There is currently a huge healthcare crisis in the USA. The fact is that black women experience higher rates of poor birth outcomes, including higher rates of Cesarean, preterm birth, low birth weight, and infant death. Studies show that significant racial disparities (differences) in birth outcomes continue to exist even after accounting for factors like the pregnant parent's, income, education, marital status, tobacco/alcohol use, and insurance coverage.

In other words, health and social factors alone can’t explain the higher rates of poor birth outcomes among people of color.

Then what does explain this tragic health inequity?

Dr. Gerner acts humbly as a facilitator in this short course to identify some of the challenges we face around the issues of race and identity in the world and the healthcare setting.

Who am I to create this course???

A humble introduction

In creating "The Anatomy of Breastfeeding",

Dr. Gerner was moved about the disparity of healthcare in the Black community. In the introductory video, she speaks about her personal journey around race and identity bias and her passion to help others on their own journeys as well.

Illustration of house foundation
Laying the Groundwork

Identify where racial and identity disparity comes from and address our own beliefs and biases.

Photo of black slave wetnurse with white baby
Breastfeeding in the Black Community

Look deeply at the reasons why women of color experience disparity in breastfeeding and healthcare; including the origins in slavery.

Photo of Adia and Jasmine
People making a difference

Hear from Lactation professionals doing real work to support Women of Color in breastfeeding. Gain resources for your own training and to make a difference as a whole.

If you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside of yourself. Something to repair tears in your community. Something to make life a little better

for people less fortunate than you.

That's what I think a meaningful life is-

living not for oneself, but for one's community.

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Example Curriculum

  Introduction and My Personal Reason for Advocacy
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  Laying the Groundwork for Change
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Disparity of Birth and Breastfeeding in the Black Community
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days after you enroll
Available in days
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  Claim your CE Credits
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Proceeds of this Course will be Donated to Non-Profits supporting BIPOC and Breastfeeding

Although a base fee has been set to help us to cover our expenses,

we encourage you to donate what you can to help BIPOC

(Black, Indigenous and People of Color) to receive support in Birth and Breastfeeding.

Thank you so much!